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ISO 28000 Certification

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ISO 28000 - Awareness Training - Supply Chain Security Management Systems
This training provides an introduction to the development, implementation, and operation of a Supply Chain Security Management System (SCSMS) based on ISO 28000. An SCSMS compliant with the requirements of ISO 28000 helps you examine and control an organizations supply chain security risks and threats at all stages, including the transportation of goods along the supply chain. This allows you to focus resources and efforts on the areas of high-risk concern and demonstrate security as a managed and accountable process to stakeholders.
On training completion you will be able to:
  • Explain the purpose of ISO 28000:2007 
  • Describe the requirements of ISO 28000:2007 
  • Explain the relationship between the clauses of ISO 28000: 2007 
  • Understand how to use ISO 28000 for the continual improvement of SCSMS
The training is an introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation, and management of an SCSMS based on ISO 28000. If you plan to complete other SCSMS training, such as Internal Auditor and the Lead Auditor Training, you will receive during this course the knowledge and understanding of ISO 28000 upon which to build auditing skills.

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