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WHAT IS ISO 20000-1?
ISO/IEC 20000 helps organizations efficiently deliver quality IT Service Management through a comprehensive process approach. ITSMS implementation is designed to be a bedrock upon which to build continually improving service management systems. It is fully scale able to organizations large and small or to customers internal and external. Consider the benefits of developing an ITSMS as part of your organizations customer satisfaction and business continuity strategies.

ISO 20000 - Information Technology Service Management System
ITSM ISO 20000 is IT Service Management System Standard that specifies ISO 20000 Certification requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement and maintain ISO 20000 Controls for an effective SMS Service Management System within an organization.

ISO 20000 Controls are implemented through documented requirements of ISO 20000 Standard clauses by organizations requiring assurance that their service requirements are fulfilled.

ITSM ISO 20000 -1 requires a consistent approach by all its service providers, including those in a service supply chain for an effective SMS that also makes Service Management System cost effective. ISO 20000 -2 provides guidelines for application of Service Management System (SMS).

ECL have pool of competent ISO 20000 Lead Assessors those assesses SMS requirements implemented by ISO 20000 Controls, ISO 20000 Clauses and all requirements of ISO 20000 Standard. The ISO 20000 Lead Auditors of ECL are in the close vicinity of organizations to make ISO 20000 Certification cost effective. SMS Standards compliance demonstrates organization capability to offer and provide service delivery best to the satisfaction of customer and related regularity requirement.

ISO 20000 certification Benefits:
  • Objective based Approach to the ITSM,
  • Better Process Control, Flow and Productivity,
  • ISO 20000 is Cost Effective Service Provision,
  • Improvement in Process Reliability through SMS ISO 20000 Standard Self Assessment Checklist,
  • Better documentation of the service management processes,
  • A Framework for Continual Improvement of each Processes of Service Management,
  • Leadership with Customer Focus,
  • Improves mutual understanding of requirements and accountabilities
  • Aligns with and provides framework for ITIL methodologies
  • Provides structure for business continuity and growth
  • Drives improvements in processes and services

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